18th May 2016

please contribute



Want to contribute to a psychic space? Thanks for the generous thought.


  • Before you take the trouble to contribute, please be familiar with a psychic space magazine and what we have already covered. We don’t want you to waste your time submitting work that has already been covered or which is not right for the magazine.
  • You can send in articles, poetry, photographs, artwork, video clips, screencasts or podcasts.  If in doubt, send it in.
  • Sorry but all contributions must be original content and not published on any other site or blog except your own site. If you have something already on your site, or on file, which you want to have a wider readership, please submit it. But, you must have the copyright to whatever it is you contribute and you must declare that you have the copyright when you submit.
  • Don’t just write a “puff piece” to promote you or your organization.  We are looking for work which will:
    • broaden the spiritual debate within our community;
    • add to our knowledge or philosophy;
    • make us think in a spiritual way;
    • make us see the familiar in an unfamiliar way;
    • educate us.
  • A spiritual space reserves the right to re-publish submissions at any time. Of course, credit will be given to the author.
  • Articles should be over 300 words long. They should not be over 1,500.
  • If you can, please send  two digital pictures that connect to the submission. One of the pics may be a pic of the author.
  • Please include a short bio of about five sentences. If you want, you can include links to your own blog, website, Facebook, Twitter etc.. You can publicize yourself and your own work but please keep to within 5 sentences.
  • If you send in an article, please send it in Word, with single line spacing.

And in return you will receive …

Contributors are not paid, but you will be able to …

  • Write an author byline at the end of your contribution;
  • Add your photo;
  • Link the contribution to you blog, website, Facebook, Twitter etc.;
  • Link your sites to your contribution
  • Make a contribution to the widening of spiritual and psychic debate, knowledge and philosophy of the spiritualist community (for which, thank you!)

So please send your submissions to: