27th July 2016

Healing book

To include a name in the healing book, simply email the person’s name to healingbook@apsychicspace.co.uk


Please remember the following people in your healing thoughts and prayers.

Doris McCann
Nicole Smith
Angela Morris
Brian Woodford

Yusuf Atas
Coleen Rechere

Allan MacNally
Ann Meadon
Dave hayden
Jill Hayden
Joshua Rennie-Smith
Andrew Geddes
Catherine Buchan
Millie costi 
Cozi costi 
Yildiz costi 
Sam Jennings 
Anthony Ritrovito 
Ayshe Sheeley 
Francisco Ritrovito 

Duygu Kosker
Emily Dodds
Alex Camies
Alex Camies's daughter
Richard Hinchliffe